Appstar is a credit card processing company, they come into your business and set up creditcard machines and provide the processing.

Upon trying to save ourselves some money on processing fees,(because of our failing economy and like everyone else, we shop for better pricing from many of our vendors) my partner sat down with a sales rep, Cheryl, and she proceeded to make empty promises and failed to tell, or disclose, to my partner that there would be a $495 early cancellation fee. She also totally complicated getting equipment set up with Fairpoint.

One of her statements (because we were concerned we already had a contract with another comp)was that our current contract could be broken. "contracts are broken all the time" then when we decided not to go with them, they had set up an acct, started pulling money from our account and pulled $495 from our bank acct because I called and cancelled. Upon being told what I needed to do to avoid the charges, (send long detailed fax explaining why I cancelled-- explained to me by Cheryl--whining all the while that she is a single mother and would be fired) I promptly did the same day! When discovered that they pulled the $495 I called a customer service # and Cheryl just lied to them and made it sound like we verified and "ok'd" everything that transpired, which was total bullsh@!#$t.

We have never had the equipment, never had any processing done and cancelled within days and are still being charged a monthly fee FOR NOTHING!! Thanks for all your help Appstar for putting us even farther behind in these struggling times!

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I don't think there is any such problem. I am using their services for almost 2 years now and I have found their customer support system very helpful.

They have always resolved technical issues in a matter of couple of hours except for 1 time when it took almost a day to get the problem resolved.

I have never been charged with any hidden fee I pay for what I use.

I believe that company is good, it might just be a chance that some employee mislead clients making false promises.

Garden Grove, California, United States #737556

wow! I am shocked by the merchants bad experiences.

This is truly a nightmare in this bad economy.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #622103

can anybody tell me how does the name app star apears on your bank statement when they deduct the fees, Im trying to put a stop payment on them, please help

to ***cerned Los Angeles, California, United States #678258

my bank shows as bankcharge. Yes, they are a rip off. Even the girl who signed me up says they don't pay her


This post and most of the comments are poorly thought through. You have each blamed an entire company for the actions of a single person.

Yes, they local reps should be professional and obviously many of those listed were not, but to declare an entire company as money hungry off of one interaction is ill conceived. As for the person who things that no contract is the way to go, you have a few lessons to learn. Contracts are there to protect both parties. Without a contract, and company can charge your rates whenever they feel like it.

All of you need to simply research processing and how it works, and then find a company that suits your own individual needs. I would suggest you always protect yourself with a contract, even if it is short term.


sales rep will tell you anything to get you to sign up with them. A lot of hidden fees, it has cost my company over $1,000 in one year by switching to them. Do Not use Appstare Financial.

to Appstar Financial #1020313

I had the same problem with them. I just recently use there service and within 2 month period I see fee here fee there taking out of account close to $500 now.

I was unaware that there was going to be a cancellation fee of $495 and was already hit with an annual fee of $95. Was told I won't get that annual back if I cancel even if I was just with them for 2 months.

Makes no god *** sense to me. I switch merchant three times in my 10 years of business and was never been this disappointed and frustrated as I have with this one.


The sales reps for Appstar are independent contractors. It's commision only.

They have to drive their own vehicles and if they can't make a sale they've wasted their time and gas and wear and tear on their cars. I can see why he had a crapy attitude...


Glad I avoided appstar. I was thinking about signing up with them and I was looking for no contract merchants because I did not want to get locked in as you did.

I met with the sales rep and because I didn't have any previous balance statements available at that moment he refused to do anything for me. I could already tell by his unprofessional and lazy attitude that I wouldn't be able to trust them. He even had the audacity to complain that he had to make the drive to my place.

Seriously, its your job to meet potential clients and you are complaining about that? Ridiculous.

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